Examination Committee

The college Examination Committee consists of senior teachers nominated by the Principal. The committee is in charge of all matters pertaining to the examinations includes, preparation of examination time-table, monitoring the process of setting of question papers, assessment and moderation of answer books, declaration of results and any other matter to settle student’s grievances pertaining to the evaluation

Members of Examination Committee

Prin. Dr. S. D. DisaleChief Conductor

Asso. Prof. A. N. Lokhande Convener
Asso. Prof. Dr. V. B. Zodage Member
Asso. Prof. Dr. S. K. Pawar Member
Asso. Prof. Dr. S. K. Asolkar Member
Asso. Prof. H. R. Yadav Member
Asso. Prof. Lt. Dr. S. T. Awate Member
Asso. Prof. Dr. V. G. Bhaskar Member
Asst. Prof. Dr. R. Y. Thakur Member
Asst. Prof. S. G. Patil(Chem.) Member
Asst. Prof. R. B. Deshmukh Member
Asst. Prof. B. A. Chavan Member
Asst. Prof. D. A. Patil Member
Asst. Prof. P. N. Talankar Member
Mr. P. M. Sawant Member
Mr. A. S. Sadvelkar Member

Exams Unfair Means

Asso. Prof. Dr. V. B. ZodageConvener

Asso. Prof. R. D. Dalavi Member
Asso. Prof. Dr. S. K. Pawar Member