BACHELOR OF MANAGEMENT STUDIES (Three Year Integrated Programme)


Course Code
Course Title
UBMSFSI.1 Foundation of Human Skills
UBMSFSI.2 Introduction to Financial Accounting
UBMSFSI.3 Foundation Course I
UBMSFSI.3.1 Foundation Course in NCC I
UBMSFSI.4 Business Law
UBMSFSI.5 Business Statistics
UBMSFSI.6 Business Communication I
UBMSFSI.7 Business Economics I



Course Code
Course Title
UBMSFSII.1 Principles of Marketing
UBMSFSII.2 Industrial Law
UBMSFSII.3 Business Mathematics
UBMSFSII.4 Business Communication II
UBMSFSII.5.1 Foundation Course II
UBMSFSII.5.2 Foundation Course in NCC II
UBMSFSII.6 Business Environment
UBMSFSII.7 Principles of Management



Course Code
Course Title
UBMSFSIII.11 Information Technology in Business Management I
UBMSFSIII.12 Business Planning and Entrepreneurial Management
UBMSFSIII.13 Accounting for Managerial Decision
UBMSFSIII.14 Strategic Management
UBMSFSIII.15 Foundation course – Contemporary Issue III
Finance Group
UBMSFSIII.16 Basic Financial Services
UBMSFSIII.18 Equity and Debt
Marketing Group
UBMSFSIII.17 Consumer Behavior
UBMSFSIII.19 Advertising


Course Code
Course Title
UBMSFSIV.2 Information Technology in Business Management-II
UBMSFSIV.3.0 Foundation Course (Ethics & Governance)-IV
UBMSFSIV.4 Business Research Methods
UBMSFSIV.5 Business Economics-II
UBMSFSIV.6 Production & Total Quality Management
Finance Group
UBMSFSIV.1.02 Auditing
UBMSFSIV.1.03 Strategic Cost Management
Marketing Group
UBMSFSIV.1.05 Integrated Marketing Communication
UBMSFSIV.1.06 Rural Marketing